"We are fussy, detailed people and we know it," said Prissy. Builder John Bruno calls them 'hands-on'. "It was our family's 1st new construction house. From the planning stage to completion, voice mails, faxes and meetings were constant. We're very happy with our house and after nine years still speak with John regularly!"
"We built homes in Florida and Philadelphia. The quality was always at the minimum acceptable level. When we walked into this house we immediately saw that John's design and craftsmanship were superior. John was very easy to work with, and we love our house! After six years we still call John for recommendations!"

"I was a single woman at the time in a management position at Union Carbide. I'm not an architect, but I knew what I wanted. John developed the perfect plan for me based on a lot of collaboration with me. He was a calming influence and a pleasure to work with. The end result was just what I wanted. Spectacular!"
"After we met with John, we knew he would be easy to work with and that he would build us the house of our dreams. John did special wiring and put in special cabinetry, lighting and flooring for us. The house was completed on schedule and budget. There isn't a day that we just can't wait to get home. We love it!"
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